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Apogee 5800 Shared Service Ultrasound

• 19 inch Medical LCD monitor
• 10.4 inch touch screen
• Detachable heating cup for gel, temperature controllable
• Control panel up and down, left and right moveable
• Integrated control panel with keyboard
• Probe socket with hook
• Ultracloud
• Macro Fidelity (MFI)
• VS-Flow
• XBeam
• Nanoview
• 4D Pro
• Elastography
• Panoscope

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Ultrasound Gel 5L – Blue or Clear

Ultrasound Gel is a blue gel that is suitable for a range of examinations and procedures.

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Ultrasound Scanner WED-180

WED-180 is fully digital ultrasound system that is able to process real time image displays. It offers more than 40 body marks. Many probes are optional for clinic diagnosis demands. Offers high resolution.

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UTouch-8 Touch Screen LCD Ultrasound Scanner (3D)

UTouch-8 is first ultrasound scanner that with large and touch screen, it is popular for its pretty appearance, powerful functions, and easy to operation.
It is computer based so its functions is powerful, include can create detail diagnosis report, with large volume store, can work with any USB printer. And it also can use as an office computer when not use it as an ultrasound scanner.
Its structure also is special, can put on desk, also can wall hanging, and install on a trolley with rocker arm.


·Full digital imaging technology
·PC based powerful information management
·Complete application software packages
·Broadband Multi-frequency probes
·Large volume permanent storage
·USB ports & RJ-45 ports
·Compatible with laser/inkjet printers
·Silica gel waterproof keyboard
·18 inch large LCD and touch screen

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WED-9618 Full Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

Description: Human & Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

PLEASE NOTE: The price is R 25 000 with standard convex probe  without Battery & R 29 000 with Battery


Full digital beamforming technology
Probe automatic identification
Gama correction, histogram
Automatic report generation(Normal/OB)
Scanning angle adjustment (Convex)USB 2.0
Forreal-time picture uploading to PC


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Аpogee 1000 Neo Ultrasound

Featuring advanced imaging technology incorporate in compact hardware Apogee1000 Neo provided uncompromised image quality versatility and mobility. With full-functional packages completer transducer family and user-orientated accessories like Li-ion battery mini desktop probe extender and luxury trolley Apogee1000 Neo is the smart choice to benefit the diagnosis no matter in clinic operation room and etc.

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Ultrasound Gel 100ml

R13.91 ExcVAT

Ultrasound inspects medium, can be used with type A, B, M or D ultrasonic diagnostic instrument. It is applicable to the clinical pathologic inspect for the department of obstetrics and gynecology, digestion urinary and nervous systems.

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