Ambulatory Blood Pressure Meter ABPM50

Ambulatory blood pressure monitor ABPM-50 is a wearable, overnight and comfortable blood presure monitor for adult, pediatric, and neonatal (package includes a regular cuff for arms with 25-35cm perimeter. Other sizes are optional).Suitable for spot check and ambulatory applications, ABPM-50 provides continuous 24-hour periodic blood pressure readings offering an accurate assessment of the patient’s condition.

ABPM-50 has the ability to store over 600 measurements, including 300 records of common user and 358 ambulatory blood pressure records. Each record gives the time, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean blood pressure, pulse rate, error message and record number. The records can be transferred to a computer for further analysis and reporting using included software.

ABPM-50 has an alarm with configurable thresholds for pulse rate, systolic and diastolic pressure. Carrying case is also included.

White coat hypertension is difficult to detect and may result in mistaken diagnosis. Ambulatory monitoring is an excellent device to screen for white coat syndrome.

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