Ipad CU-SP2 Defibrillator – AED dual mode with carry case

CU-SP2 is the last generation of intelligent public access defibrillators with innovative features:

Auto volume adjustment
It detects the ambient noise and automatically adjusts the volume of its prompts to make them audible over the background noise.

Smart pads – intelligent storage
The pre-connected “Smart” electrode pads are stored in an easy access compartment on the underside of the unit ensuring use in the shortest possible time. In addition, the visual frontal indicator shows if the connected pads are within their life expectancy. The indicator will change when the pads have only 3 months life left before their expiry date giving you time to arrange for replacements. It will change again when the expiry date is reached.

CPR detection
CPR is vital to ensure that the casualty has the best chances of survival. iPAD CU-SP2 detects if CPR is being performed with appropriate prompts, if not it encourages the responder to perform it.

Easy communication with CU-EX1 software
It allows to see and analyze information such as time of “power on”, the casualty’s heart rhythm and shocks delivered. iPAD CUSP2 saves 3 events on the internal memory (up to 17 hours per event).

Wireless ECG transmission device (CU-EM1) – optional
In monitor mode, iPAD CU-SP2 uses Bluetooth to receive ECG data from CU-EM1 and displays it on the LCD screen.

Printer – optional
iPAD CU-SP2 supports connection to an external Bluetooth printer.

16 languages available (to be indicated with order)
Selectable software languages: US, GB, FR, IT, ES, DE, PT, NL, SE, PL, DK, NO, CZ, GR, AE, KR, IL. Supplied with adult SAVE PADS, carrying bag, disposable lithium battery pack, paper manual (GB, IT) and CD manual in above languages excluding PL and GR.

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